Sand and water tables

A play table, sand, water, and accessories: that's all it takes for the ultimate splashing play experience! Browse through the refreshing AquaPlay sand and water table world and learn about the benefits of water toys by clicking here.


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AquaPlay WaterTable

Sand and water tables

AquaPlay WaterTable



The new water table from AquaPlay not only brings the necessary cooling into the garden on hot summer days- lots of fun play features await explorers from 3-7 years! The educational play idea offers many exciting learning moments and playfully explains the physical laws relating to the element of water. The colorful water table features a large mushroom with fountain, splash and waterfall functions. Quickly attach the water hose to the standardized hose connection on the bottom of the water table and you're ready to go - a small or huge fountain comes out of the mushroom, depending on the water pressure! Here children learn to control water themselves. First it has to be collected in the containers on the mushroom hat, so that later, by opening the sluices, a powerful waterfall or a gentle curtain of rain can arise. The locks and turning screws on the mushroom additionally challenge the children's motor skills and expand them in a playful way. In addition to the large mushroom the absolute highlight is the powerful pump. It is easy to operate and can create a waterfall or water can be pumped into the bucket or watering can. The water stays in the pool with the help of a plug at the bottom of the pool and can easily be drained by pulling the plug. Also included are hooks that can be fixed to the edge of the water basin. Here the included accessories such as watering can, bucket and ladle can be stowed away to save space. The two figures Nils the Frog and Lotta the Duck, known from the AquaPlay water way sets, can explore the large water table in their sailing boats and experience exciting adventures! AquaPlay is made in Germany from high-quality UV-resistant plastic. AquaPlay by BIG - the Bobby Car Factory

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A leap into the water world: Why water tables inspire children and parents!

The element of water exerts a great fascination on many children. Pouring, decanting, splashing – everything that has to do with water is very popular. This is precisely where the sand and water table from AquaPlay comes into play. The special toys offer numerous possibilities for meaningful activities with water and promise fun of an educational kind.

What is a sand and water table?

A sand and water table is a play station in the form of a tub on solid legs. The tub can be filled with either sand or water and is equipped with various components that serve as the basis for a wide variety of play scenarios. Common components include pumps, waterwheels, splash elements, watering cans, ships, and buckets.

Water tables: How water toys help your child's development

Water tables not only provide cool play fun on hot days, but also deliver real value in terms of child development:

Promotion of motor skills

Playing with a water table for children always appeals to motor skills. No matter whether your child is operating the pump, pouring out a watering can, filling a bucket or moving a sailboat across the water: all of this is associated with fine motor skills and the corresponding development.


When playing with the children's water table, two valuable components come together: fresh air and movement. Your child is outside and is encouraged by the play elements to move around a lot.

Promoting concentration

In addition, working with the water toys requires a lot of concentration. After all, there are all kinds of exciting things to observe. How does the water move? How does the water surface change when a watering can is poured out? Where do the boats swim to? Which objects sink? Only those who concentrate will not miss anything.

How do you choose the perfect sand and water table for children?

If you want to buy a sand and water table, you should consider these aspects:


The material of the table should be robust, and the design should be without sharp corners and edges. Furthermore, great quality and careful workmanship are important criteria of a durable product.


The size of the sand and water table depends on how much space you have in the garden. The height of the table should also fit the size of your child.


Since the water table is set up outdoors, it should not fade when it comes into contact with sunlight. This is ensured with the AquaPlay sand and water play table by high-quality UV colour granulate. In addition, a sand and water table for children must, of course, be waterproof and weather-resistant.


The AquaPlay water table for children can be supplemented with numerous accessories. This adds plenty of variety to the game and your child can use the sand and sand and water table with the maximum number of play options.

Age recommendation & safety

Pay attention to the age recommendation of the manufacturer, which indicates the age group for which a product is intended. In addition, assess for yourself how far your child is currently developed. In terms of safety, the design of the table plays a major role: it should stand securely on the floor and not pose any risk of injury, for example from sharp-edged elements. Smaller children must be supervised when playing so that no small parts are swallowed.

Our AquaPlay sand and water tables at a glance 

Dive into a fun water world with the AquaPlay water play table! With us, you will find the ideal water table for children, which opens up almost infinite play scenarios and enables playful access to the element of water. You can rely on the best quality and product safety.

AquaPlay WaterTable

The AquaPlay water play table with spray mushroom, watering can, pump, two boats and play figures, a ladle and a bucket equips your child with everything they need to explore water in all its facets. To ensure that the water never runs out, you can attach the hose directly to the table.

Children's sand and water table: care and maintenance

The maintenance of a water table is elementary: It is sufficient to wipe the table occasionally with a damp cloth and ensure that it can dry completely after playing. To avoid fading due to UV radiation, the play tables should ideally be covered or stored away from sunlight.

Sand and water tables: splash, play, cool down

Your child will benefit from our sand and water tables “made in Germany all” along the line: it trains their fine motor skills, improves their ability to concentrate, they get moving and have lots of fun at the same time. The AquaPlay water table convinces with outstanding quality, high-quality, cleanly processed materials, cheerful designs and a variety of play options – for hours of fun and a fun way to cool off on hot days!

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