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AquaPlay 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee

warrantyYou receive an limited AquaPlay 3 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee of optimum durability on every AquaPlay product. Material, construction or manufacturing defects which arise within the guarantee period are corrected free-of-charge by the AquaPlay replacement parts service, either by repair, or if deemed necessary in the opinion of AquaPlay themselves, by replacement of the product.

The guarantee period starts from the date upon which the product was initially acquired by the end user. Should you wish to claim against the limited AquaPlay 3 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee, you must present the original receipt showing clearly the name of the product purchased, and the date and place of purchase. AquaPlay reserves the right to charge shipping costs for sending in the defective product. The limited AquaPlay 3 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee excludes normal wear and tear (e.g. to wheels, stickers and rubber barrel bands), defects due to rough handling (including accidents, misuse and intentional overloading), and also defects or damage caused by inappropriate use or a use of the product contrary to that intended.

Furthermore, the AquaPlay 3 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee is limited to use of the AquaPlay product by a private end user. It does not therefore cover commercial use (e.g. hiring out of the vehicle, arcades, promotional events etc.) nor use of AquaPlay products in public amenities (e.g. nurseries). The limited AquaPlay 3 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee does not affect your statutory warranty rights in accordance with the applicable law nor any of your rights against the seller of the product. AquaPlay's liability is limited to the value of the cost of the product.

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