About us

AquaPlay is the original water canal system from Sweden and was developed 1977. Now as ever children of all ages love playing with water. There are plenty of things for small discoverers to learn; the concept of floating and sinking, what makes a pump work, building and construction.

Today AquaPlay canal systems are distributed in more than 40 countries and delight children from 3-6 years all over the world. Both parents and educators appreciate the award-winning toy system as a representative of high-value, quality and educational play with water.

It is a modular system that provides endless opportunities for expansion and rebuilding. The wide range of accessories also helps to stimulate children’s imagination. The AquaPlay canal systems can be handed down from older to younger children, providing years and years of fun and laughter.

The AquaPlay canal systems are produced in Burghaslach, Germany and made of non-toxic, recyclable plastic.
The packaging is easy to recycle and we are constantly working on making the AquaPlay products as environmentally friendly as possible. All our products are carefully tested after the latest standards
EN:71 and ASTM. The CE-mark and the secure three-year warranty is a clear sign of quality.

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